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bags.jpgFinally finally I took the step of purchasing small reusable bags for fruits and vegetables.
(found them at this store – they are supposed to be tool bags (?), according to the owner)

These are the bag-within-a-bag kind: they are replacing the thin plastic bags that are offered to pack fresh produce in the supermarket – we were getting absolutely overwhelmed with their number (as opposed to the thicker ones, which we had already managed to reduce by bringing in reusable shopping bags). Read More


UPS will take your packing peanuts

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peanuts.jpgIt seems that UPS stores will gladly take off your hands:
– packing peanuts
– air-filled plastic pillows
– cardboard boxes
I just dropped off a bag full of polystyrene peanuts (which I couldn’t have disposed of properly at all – polystyrene foam is a bitch, and even specialized recycling places will not take peanuts) and air-filled bags, along with the big cardboard box that contained them. They were all taken in with a smile.
I suppose they will get reused directly to pack things again.

I heard of this tip while browsing the web, made a quick phone call to the closest UPS store to confirm that was true, et voila!

ps: do make that phone call beforehand though, to make sure your local store does that as well.


A Pattern Language

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IMG_7892.jpgI cannot thank my friend C. enough for showing me this book.

It is THE BIBLE for anyone interested in real space-making, architecture design & urban planning (which is all one thing stretched at different scales).

By real, I mean with the principal purpose of creating a sense of place for human beings, as opposed to a lot of design nowadays which is preoccupied with other things (the market, fashionable gestures, editorial potential, expression of ego / money, etc.). Read More