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01 07 15

It seems we need a total change of paradigm.
So many of us are making so much effort to navigate the current material world, every day, because it’s too polluting, too socially unfair, too wasteful.

Consumption needs to change for sure. But production needs to change too. Read More


A Pattern Language

12 02 14

IMG_7892.jpgI cannot thank my friend C. enough for showing me this book.

It is THE BIBLE for anyone interested in real space-making, architecture design & urban planning (which is all one thing stretched at different scales).

By real, I mean with the principal purpose of creating a sense of place for human beings, as opposed to a lot of design nowadays which is preoccupied with other things (the market, fashionable gestures, editorial potential, expression of ego / money, etc.). Read More


unbuilding vs. building

01 07 14

Discovering this simple list, assembled by philosopher Michel Onfray, was a moving moment:
it was the first time somebody was putting words on an obscure fight (call it opposition, although I don’t like the black-and-whiteness of the term) which I had been struggling with since architecture school, but couldn’t really put my finger on, since nobody was clearly addressing it.

We’re surrounded by SO MUCH of UNBUILDING.
And the voices of BUILDING are still so few and small. Hope we’ll be able to join.



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11 08 11

Inbuilt furniture at Enfield Shaker village, New Hampshire
original photo by Walter Parenteau

Back to moving.

More and more I find the idea of carrying furniture around close to insane.
If you strip down pieces of furniture to absolutely vital ones: namely, perhaps your bed and some storage – do we really need to own them? At the scale of a city, does it make sense to be moving around thousands of similar looking bed frames, wardrobes, and bookshelves, like a huge swaping game which in the end consumes gas, human energy, and leads to the familiar left-behind casualties on the curbside? Read More


paperbasket made of paper

09 27 11

Japanese brand MUJI sells very smart paper basket made from pages of phonebooks, handwoven in the Philippines.

Paper baskets woven from pages of newspaper.
Seems to be doing just what paper baskets should be doing: stand up straight, hold paper!
Most likely disposable and compostable at the end of their life.
What more does the people want, eh? Read More