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material economy

how to get rid of stuff

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truck.jpgIt’s shocking how quick & easy it is to buy something,
and how awfully difficult it is to get rid of anything.

I’ve found that the biggest hurdles to feeling comfortable participating in the second-hand economy are lack of information and lack of habit. So let’s get rid of these first obstacles right now with a little how-to guide.
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material economy

objects we can stop mass-producing right now #1: pencil holders

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pencilholdercleaned-up jam pots

A pencil holder needs to do one thing: hold pencils.

Which means, pretty much anything, ANYTHING will do the job quite right as long as it’s able to more or less contain things: re-used metal cans, glass jars, cardboard tubes, etc.
Plus: a lot of these look good too. AND, you can throw them away with the regular trash if you move out!

So basically, any company manufacturing ‘professional’ pencil holders could stop right away, the world wouldn’t miss them, and an entire branch of useless mass-produced objects would disappear (and the associated waste stream at the same time).

material economy


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Hey good people. Haven’t written in a long time, so busy with work.

Today, another of our David vs. Goliath battle: BODY WASH vs. BAR SOAP

I don’t know if it’s the same for you; as a child growing up in the eighties, I was washed and learned to wash myself with bar soap, and that was pretty much it for the first decade of my life. Then, somewhere in the nineties, shower gels started being the way to go. Waaaay cooler, adieu slippery soap and minuscule leftover bits. The modern man wants a sexy, tropical shower experience smelling like passion fruit, in a civilized vertical bottle.

 I was trapped into this marketing dream until very recently myself. Awake now. Read More

material economy


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The Italian movie ‘The Golden Door’, by Emanuele Crialese, tells the story of Sicilian peasants leaving their homeland for America, at the beginning of the 20th century. It’s very beautiful – I highly recommend.

At the beginning of the film there is a scene which particularly moved me: the three main characters are preparing their crossing. Read More