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the gift of trash

08 15 14

photo by Ryan Hyde

This type of situation has been happening to me a few times now and shows how FAR FAR AWAY from societal awareness we are when it comes to wasteful habits:

I was eating at a burrito chain, sitting inside the restaurant after having carefully chosen the meal that came in a paper plate only, using my own metal cutlery and fabric napkin. Realizing I had forgotten to take tortilla, I returned to the counter and asked for a single tortilla. The behind-the-counter lady threw one on the grill for re-heat, and then proceeded to grab a piece of aluminum foil to wrap it.

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paper tape

08 13 14

In my country, Scotch® has sadly become a generic name for adhesive tape.

Meaning, when I learned to talk and designate objects with words, the only word I had for adhesive tape was ‘scotch’: ‘I wish to make a gift wrap for this, where is the scotch?’

Also the only kind of ‘scotch’ that I was ever aware of being used by normal people was either clear, translucent, or brown for heavy-duty, and seemed made of plastic, smelled a particular smell, and you needed a blade to cut it, mostly under the form of a ‘scotch holder’, itself made of plastic (my parents owned a heavy one – the master scotch holder – which was filled with sand and sounded like the sea when you tilted it. But I digress.)
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08 08 14

I don’t know why it took so long for me to realize such an obvious thing: whenever possible, buy the powdered or dry form of items for which it really doesn’t make much difference.
Purchasing the water content of diluted ingredients just doesn’t make sense.

 The density of water is about 60 lb / cubic foot (about 1000 kg / cubic meter).
1 gallon weighs about 8 lb (3.8 kg) and takes up 231 cubic inches (3,800 cubic centimeters)

Think of all the energy spent in transporting mostly water (80% of liquid laundry detergent, according to this article).

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