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07 23 15

garbagemailsmall.jpgIt’s polluting and wasteful, and I don’t want to spend 8 months of my life dealing with it.

As often in this world, it will take you some energy to fight the system, but if we all do it, we might get results. As to this day, I am practically free of junk mail myself – the one that keeps inundating the house is my husband’s (hi, honey!).

Let’s make it at least useful by using it as an example of how to fight it. Read More


Saying NO to disposable cups

05 16 15

mug.jpgHello all!
Sorry I was away for so long – been in nomadic mode for the past 2 months, with lots of moving in and out – had the internet, but my brain wasn’t available to sit down and write.

During these travelling times, I lived out of a suitcase, which I enjoy because it makes me realize how easily I can live without some items, and which objects are absolutely necessary (more on this later).

Also, there was a lot of working in coffee shops. Read More